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Add Artistic Photo Effects & Photo Borders – Free Plxlr O-Matic Photo Editor

Pixlr is a free online photo editor with a lot of features found on professional photo softwares. This free online photo editor is extremely convenient to edit photos & add artistic effects to photos on the fly.

Another accompanying tool provided by Pixlr is the O-matic. This tool is a collection of a ton of artistic effects to your pictures. You have a free online version as well as a free version that you can download on your computer for offline use.

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First Lytro Camera on Sale in US from USD 400

Lytro cameras that captures light vectors in a unique way announced their first set of practical Lytro cameras in 8 GB & 16 GB formats, completely compatible with Apple Mac computers (Windows version of the processing software is being developed now).

The price of the first Lytro cameras start from US$ 399 for the 8GB & US$499 for the 16GB cameras with a fixed lens with 8x optical zoom & a constant aperture of f/2 built into an aluminum shell.

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Backup Power Supplies & UPM for Digital Photo Labs

Numerous options for power supply solutions are available nowadays to have an alternative backup power supply & UPM for digital photography labs.  A backup power system is necessary for several reasons, even out there may not be a frequent power outage.

The sophisticated digital photography lab equipments require a consistent power supply to perform. Even though they are built with a certain amount of ruggedness to handle variations, power impulses, noise, sags, surges, brownouts could cause irreparable damages.

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Lytro Cameras – Capturing Light Vector in Shoot Now Focus Later Cameras

Lytro is a new photographic camera manufacturer that has a new technology to capture light as vectors on their photo sensors. Unlike in traditional cameras where a photographer has to focus on a subject & then click the shutter, a Lytro Light Field Camera captures much more information about the light in it’s sensors.

This vast amount of information about the photographic subject stored in the camera then allows the software to change focus & give significantly extract more information about each & every pixel in the photograph after the photo has been captured.

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Computing in Communications Industry with Embedded Technology

The MicroTCA is a new series of PICMG specifications to advance the embedded technologies in telecommunications equipment manufacturers, board and system level vendors, computer OEMs, software companies and chassis, connector and power supply vendors.

Through embedded technology, hardware and software reused with the MicroTCA solutions & can be scaled very easily to large scale implementations in the communications industry. When designed to the MicroTCA open standard, MicroTCA products are physically smaller than the AdvancedTCA communications servers.

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