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In the age of fast advancing technology, we are cluttered with data & information from all sides. On one hand while we keep on adopting new ones, we often miss out on fully utilizing the ones we have.

Most softwares, for example, that we buy are under utilized. We often end up not knowing or using all the features of a software. Last year I realized that I had spent more money on new softwares & tools for digital photography than on new novels. And I have hardly used all the parts of the softwares. I have not even opened a couple!

The other interesting thing that is also happening is competition is driving the cost of softwares & electronic computer devices lower. There are more free softwares, tools & utilities created & made available every day.

Even small snippets of software codes are freely available. You need to know how to copy & paste properly to make these small pieces of codes & softwares work.

The purpose of this website, in general, is to show how we could effectively use many of the commonly used softwares, tools & electronic gadgets. In some occasions we shall also review & publish new tools & features of softwares & technical gadgets. Our focus would be those softwares, tools & utilities that help improve productivity.

The last & probably one of the most important component of such posts would be to bring such items that are available either free or at a discounted price. Saving a penny today means earning a dollar tomorrow!

[ June 2008 ]

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[ June 2008 ]

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