Backup Power Supplies & UPM for Digital Photo Labs

Update: This post is now obsolete.

Numerous options for power supply solutions are available nowadays to have an alternative backup power supply for digital photography labs.  A backup power system is necessary for several reasons, even out there may not be a frequent power outage.

The sophisticated digital photography lab equipments require a consistent power supply to perform. Even though they are built with a certain amount of ruggedness to handle variations, power impulses, noise, sags, surges, brownouts could cause irreparable damages.


It provides uninterruptible power systems that could protect costly & sensitive electrical & electronic equipments in your laboratory. They isolate power fluctuations & provides a regulated & controlled supply of power. Modern technologies combine low impedance isolation transformer, power line noise filter & high energy surge diverter to keep the power supply within the nominated range of the electronic devices in the digital labs.

Most of the power supply backup solutions revolve around switched mode power supplies. This eliminates the need of an isolation transformer & are of robust built, providing protection to the digital lab equipments against changes in power line voltage & making the power supply smaller, more efficient and cheaper.

Many of the modern digital photo lab equipments handle immense amount of data while processing large images or videos. To these lab gadgets, not only is clean power essential, but continuity of power is mandatory so that any work-in-progress is not affected by sudden changes to the power supply. The battery backup system or UPS are available to see that data can be saved and the system is properly shutdown in the event of a power outage.

Sophisticated devices also protect the entire power supply systems against other interfering systems in the bigger network.  Fiber optic connections are often used to isolate the backup power stabilization & power supply network from phone & modem networks & improve the level of security & deliverability.

Most of these power supply variations, apart from a complete power outage, are not noticeable by the naked eye. Modern equipments are designed not only to detect such changes but also to correct them almost instantaneously so that the costly equipments in the digital labs can continue to function as usual.

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