Game Theory – Predicting Political Results, National Growth & Future of Iran

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita has been a mathematician and an adviser to the CIA on various political matters that involves better understanding for foreign regimes & international politics.

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita depends on a mathematical model of the game theory to predict, with a high degree of certainty, the outcome of various complex real life problems.

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Create Fractals with Gnofract 4D Software – Download Fractal Generation Program Free

In layman’s terms a Fractal is a fragmented geometric shape that can be further sub-divided into pieces that look very similar to the larger part. Mathematically Fractals complex equations that are recursive or iterative in nature.

Fractals have been researched by the 17th century mathematicians. The term Fractal was given by Mandelbrot. The more complex ones are  Benoît Mandelbrot & the Mandelbrot Fractal Set is named him.

Another popular fractal set is the Julia set. When a Fractal is magnified, it is expected to show a replica of the original larger image.

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Nikon D3 – What Happens when The Shutter is Clicked – Slow Motion Movie

how nikon camera electronic shutters work - slow motion movie of the nikon electronic shutter release process I have borrowed this from Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog showing the sequence of shutter movements when a photographer clicks the Camera Shutter on a Nikon D3 .

Marianne Oelund took a series of images of the shutter leaves & these 70 images were then composed frame by frame on a time scale.

This is a great photo tutorial for anyone trying to understand how the shutter works on a Nikon D3 .

In fact, this is how most of the electronic shutters work on Nikons . To see the actual sequence of events, you need to slide the mouse over the image from left to right (that is the time axis).

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Best Anti Spyware Anti Adware Free Download – Ad-Aware Download Free

free antispyware anti adware download free Users download Spyware & Adware inadvertently while browsing websites. Adwares & Spywares are small software programs that watch every move you make online.

They also transmit that information to the sites which dropped these adwares & spywares on your computer. Ad-Aware is one of the Best Free AntiSpyware AntiAdware software available.

Anti-Spywares & Anti-adware are security programs that run on your computer & protect your personal information & browsing information to other sites.

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WhereIStand – Free Online Debate Forum & Social Networking on Where I Stand

free online forum where i stand Where I Stand is a Social Networking Site with the benefit of an online debating forum . Signing up for this online debate forum is free.

Members express their opinions on all topics. And while each can agree or disagree to a topic, the member has to state the reason for either agreeing or disagreeing.

Once you sign up on Where I Stand you can set up your social profile as well as set up your blogs as well.

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