Convert Any File to Flash with Free CineCode – Download Free Open Source Flash Converter Software

Cine Code is a free open source flash converter that can convert any file, of any format, into flash. The free CineCode Flash Converter Video Software is also a cross platform video editor that works on Windows computers, Linux & Apple iOS. Hence it also works on mobile device content including digital cameras and video recorders.

Cine Code is a free, multi platform powerful video encoding software that can convert any kind of video into Flash format. The free flash converter has an easy to use drag & drop interface & it instantly converts any video file you drag into the work area into a flash video file.

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Convert Any Files to Flash Video with Free Flash Converter Software

Top Features of the Free Flash Video Converter CineCode Software

  • free Flash video editor & encoder video software
  • convert any video file format to Flash video format
  • easy to use drag & drop interface
  • supports all types of video file formats, including Divx & mobile video formats from digital camera and camcorder video
  • multi-platform Flash Converter that works on Windows, Linux & Apple Mac OS

This free Flash Video converter supports FFMPEG & is a Flash encoder & flash video player rolled into one. It supports the following codec’s: AVC1, H.263, H.264, XVID ISO MPEG-4, MPEG-1,MPEG-2,WMV-1, WMV- 2, WMV-3, WMP –V7,WMP -V8, WMP -V9, WMA-V2, WMA-V9, DIV3,DX50, DVPP, DV5P,DV-DVC, FLV1 Flash/Sorenson, FLV4.

You can either convert one video at a time by dragging & dropping the non-flash video file into the editor or convert the video from its URL. The encoding process also helps you to reduce the file size & hence this Flash converter comes in handy to create videos for the web or downsize videos for YouTube.

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