Convert Pictures into Artistic Sketches with Free FotoSketcher

The free FotoSketcher Photo Software works like a professional Photoshop plugin providing a professional filter to create artistic sketch photos from regular pictures. You can convert any image into a very artistic sketch art using this stand alone photo software.

The free photo art software provides more than 25 effects, equivalent to professional Photoshop artistic filters & available in 23 different languages for download. It is completely intuitive and you can convert any image into professional looking artistic sketch photos.

You can download FotoSketcher Free. It is actively maintained by French developer David Thoiron.

Features of FotoSketcher Artistic Photo Sketch Filter software

  • it converts digital images – photos or 3d renderings, into artistic photo sketches
  • includes numerous art filters like pencil sketch, oil painting, watercolor, pastel, drawing, cartoon, pen and ink, sepia
  • has additional photo editing functions like image correction and retouching – automatic contrast improvement, change color saturation, resize or rotate image, add various frames, add text etc
  • it allows editing in batch mode to modify multiple images in one shot
  • provides before-and-after panes to compare the changes due to the artistic filters
  • includes various kinds of textures, frames, and borders to help you make the final professional photo

Free Photoshop Sketch Filter to convert Image into Sketch Art

Professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop provides similar filter plugins at a high cost. But FotoSketchers is completely free and lets you sell the final prints made with this software.

This photo software is maintained and enhanced with new features added frequently. This great artistic photo software is available only on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and the latest Windows 8 and 8.1. Mac version is not available at this time.

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