Free AllDup Software Download – Remove Duplicate Files from PC with AllDup

AllDup is a free software that removes duplicate files from your PC & computers. The free AllDup software has it’s own algorithm ro search for duplicate files on the hard drives.

Free AllDup Duplicate File Removing Software allows you to search for duplicate files using content, name, extension, date or other file attributes. You will be able to find duplicates between text, pictures, music, movies or other files.

Once AllDup has finished scanning your computer for duplicates, it displays an expandable list with the name, number of found files, size, last modification date, creation date, attributes and location of every duplicated file that the program found.

You can Download AllDup to Remove Duplicate Files from Computers Free.


AllDup allows you to either select all the files or select them one by one, ensuring which duplicates to keep or which ones to remove. The search results can also be saved as a text file or a CSV file.

AllDup scan also has a window pane to show a preview of the file. If the file has a known extension, you can see the file in the preview pane before you decide to keep it or delete the duplicate.

AllDup is currently available for only Windows computers & works on Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP & Microsoft Windows 2000 computers.

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