Free Computer Painting Drawing & Sketching Software SmoothDraw

This is a great software for kids and those learning to paint, draw or sketch on the computer without having to use costly devices like tablets and other touch devices.

I have used a few iPAD based apps for sketching, drawing and coloring but I would not give my costly iPAD to my toddler right now! Instead, I can have my kid use the cheap computer mouse and try her hands at coloring or sketching for now.

SmoothDraw is a free digital free-hand drawing software with some features of the most costly digital painting softwares. The coloring and drawing software provides tools like pen, pencil, dry media, airbrush, bristle brush, image hose etc for drawing and retouching pictures.

free coloring painting sketching drawing software smooth draw

Features of the Free Drawing, Sketching & Coloring Software

  • easy to use and very small software footprint
  • produces high quality pictures with sub-pixel level smoothing
  • provides numerous painting & sketching brushes like other professional software – pen, pencil, dry media, airbrush, bristle brush & image hose
  • provides numerous photo effects retouching tools like burn, dodge, blur, sharpen & smudge
  • integrates well with commercial tablets
  • provides image & canvas resizing, rotation and adjustments
  • supports layers for more professional blend modes
  • more experienced users can adjust the brush size and ink flow for each brush, and there are also settings for tablet pressure and hardness

The SmoothDraw drawing, sketching & coloring software is actively developed and maintained with periodic updates and enhancements. Like with any other free software, only download this free photo software from the authors website and install only the features and products that you need.

Currently this is available only for Windows computers.

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