Geo Tag Photos with Free PictoGEO Geo Tagging Software

Most modern digital cameras have the feature of adding geographical data onto your pictures. Common information includes the co-ordinates, altitude, time etc.

If you are not using any such geo tagging feature of your camera, you can use pictoGEO that works with GPS-data and allows you to view the location of your photo on virtual maps, such as Google Earth, many years after you took the picture.

PictoGEO has a GPS data logger that finds your position with great accuracy with the help of GPS satellites & stores your current geographical position, your speed, and your absolute altitude & the precise UTC time. The data is embedded in the pictures EXIF information and can be used by any other software that reads such meta data.

free geo tagging software

PictoGEO GPS data logger is provided as a free add-on to PictoMio photo editor. The download page gives you a free-to-use license key for the software. It currently works only on Windows computers (Windows XP,Vista or 7 & up). In case your download needs the driver, you can download pictoGEO driver from the same page.

PictoGeo reads the popular geo tagging files like .nmea, .nma, .dat, .gpx, .kml & .kmz (Google Earth) & this works on most of the GPS models like Gisteq, Garmin & Mainnav. It works with any ordinary digital camera to geo tag your digital images.

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