Lytro Cameras – Capturing Light Vector in Shoot Now Focus Later Cameras

Lytro is a new photographic camera manufacturer that has a new technology to capture light as vectors on their photo sensors. Unlike in traditional cameras where a photographer has to focus on a subject & then click the shutter, a Lytro Light Field Camera captures much more information about the light in it’s sensors.

This vast amount of information about the photographic subject stored in the camera then allows the software to change focus & give significantly extract more information about each & every pixel in the photograph after the photo has been captured.

Light Field Cameras from Lytro

The picture above shows how the focus can be changed in any photograph after it is taken. The 2 pictures above are of the same subject & the same composition, but the software will allow the viewer to change the focus area of the picture as they wish to view.

The technology of such device can be used for numerous research, medical, aviation and intelligence gathering applications. You can sign up for email notifications when the first commercial Light Field Cameras are rolled out to the market.

A normal photographic camera captures a scene in 2 dimensions and such cameras mainly store the information on light color & light intensity. With a Lytro Light Field Camera, the sensor will also be able to store information on the light vector, allowing that to be altered in the post production process.

So even if you have taken a portrait that is showing to be out-of-focus you may be able to correct that if you are using this light field camera. This of course does not change anything for a blurry photo or one that is taken with a shaking camera.

The first set of cameras using the light field sensors would be an easy to use, consumer grade camera with instant shutter, low light sensitivity, immersive 3D, portability, and focus after the fact features.

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