Geo Tag Photos with Free PictoGEO Geo Tagging Software


Most modern digital cameras have the feature of adding geographical data onto your pictures. Common information includes the co-ordinates, altitude, time etc.

If you are not using any such geo tagging feature of your camera, you can use pictoGEO that works with GPS-data and allows you to view the location of your photo on virtual maps, such as Google Earth, many years after you took the picture.

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Free Computer Painting Drawing & Sketching Software SmoothDraw

free coloring painting sketching drawing software smooth draw

This is a great software for kids and those learning to paint, draw or sketch on the computer without having to use costly devices like tablets and other touch devices.

I have used a few iPAD based apps for sketching, drawing and coloring but I would not give my costly iPAD to my toddler right now! Instead, I can have my kid use the cheap computer mouse and try her hands at coloring or sketching for now.

SmoothDraw is a free digital free-hand drawing software with some features of the most costly digital painting softwares. The coloring and drawing software provides tools like pen, pencil, dry media, airbrush, bristle brush, image hose etc for drawing and retouching pictures.

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View PSD Files without Photoshop with Free PSD Viewer


Many amateur photographers do not use costly photo software like Adobe Photoshop or Capture One. For them, this free PSD viewer software comes in very handy since now they can view & convert PSD files into formats like JPEG, TIFF etc & can view them on almost any computer.

This stand alone free PSD viewer, apart from enabling users to view PSD files supports their conversion to different formats as well. Images can be zoomed, rotated, adjusted, or altered easily.

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Duplicate Photo Finder Software Free Download

free duplicate photo finder software

This Duplicate Photo Finder is a great tool for amateur photographers who take a lot of snaps and store them on their computer. Many times they end up saving the same photos multiple times on their computers thus increasing the catalog size and using up space on their hard drive.

This small free photo software could help you locate and manage your existing photos and eliminate the duplicate ones easily. Professional photographers would require more complicates software & workflows to be able to do this, especially when you can have various versions of the same photos stored in your catalog.

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