Play Free 3D Strategy Online Game – Download Galaxy Online Free Video Game

Galaxy Online is a new MMORTS game from IGG. Galaxy Online is a real-time-strategy game with a great deal of depth. This Free 3D Online Video Game is released by IGG, one of the larger free-to-play game publishers on the MMO scene, carrying titles such as Tales of Pirates, Myth War II, and Wonderland Online.

This strategy game is set in the future – the 28th century! When the earth is stripped bare of its precious natural resources, humanity has been forced to adapt to a new and harsh environment. Reaching further and further into the dark recesses of the universe in search of desperately needed materials, man has finally released himself from the confines of Earth and settled in far away galaxies.

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Play Free 3D Online Game – Download Gods War Free Video Game

The Gods War game itself is hailed as IGG’s first, fully interactive free 3D video game. It features a unique setting among the Greek lore of old, a story penned around legendary gods such as Hades and Athena, as well as player-versus-player combat and plenty of quests and events for players to partake in.

In this free 3D Video Game  GodsWar Online, players can only join in inter-faction PvP competitions. Players can try to capture cities, Polis and to recapture towns that have been taken over by a hostile faction and get benefits after occupying them.

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Create 3D Desktop with Free BumpTop – Organize Desktop with Free Tool

[Update July 2010: Bumptop has been acquired by The free software is no longer available. However, if you have purchased the PRO version, you will receive “End of Life Support”. All links on this has been updated to Google or Wiki pages. ]

BumpTop is a free software that can transform your desktop into a 3D Desktop. Apart from giving the feeling of more space, it this free 3D Desktop tool also helps you organize your desktop.

In addition to helping you organize your work on your 3D Desktop, BumpTop could also respond to physical effects if you have a touch screen or a tablet computer.

Though it works with the mouse too, BumpTop’s physical effects are even more captivating as icons move under your finger like they would in the real world. You can flick through piles, toss icons at widgets to get stuff done, use fluid gestures to advance photo slideshows or manipulate stuff.

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Create ScreenSavers from Photos or Download Free ScreenSavers – Download Crawler ScreenSaver Software Free

With the Crawler toolbar, you can download some of the exotic screen savers to spruce up your desktop.You can also create your slideshow from all your digital pictures.

It doesn’t stop there. With the Free Crawler toolbar you can create a free Slideshow Screensaver for your friends and family and send it as an eCard!

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Download Free Screensavers Free Photos Exclusive 3-D Animations – Free Desktop Animations

Free Screensavers & Free Photos are widely available on the internet, but none as professional & as beautiful as these free desktop animation tools.

You can get free professional photos, screensavers & exclusive 3 D animations for your computer desktop. The downloads are absolutely free & does not contain any spyware or adware.

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