Free Photoshop Color Balancing Filter Plugin – Download Magic Enhancer Lite Free

Magic Enhancer Lite is a free Photoshop plugin for Windows that lets you correct contrasts & color balance very easily. Once added, this filter could be found in the Plugin Menu (Filter > Image Skill). It provides a one-click operation. When you use it, this plug-in will automatically load an optimized version of the photo you just opened.

This free contrast & color balancing plugin is very helpful to correct your images for luminosity very quickly, especially if you are trying to create smaller versions for the web. The Magic Enhancer Lite is the free version of the Photoshop Plugin. For additional features, there is also a commercial Pro version of this photo filter software.

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Download Kidoz Safe Internet Browser for Kids Free – Videos Games for Kids Free

With kids using the home computers more & more everyday, there is a need for an internet browser that is specially created for kids. Kidoz is a Free Internet Web Browser for kids, with built in security & search features.

With the Kidoz web browser for kids, they can access the best sites, videos and games for kids on the net. This is extremely popular for kids between the ages of 3 & 7.

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Free Multi Platform PDF to Text Software – Download Simpo PDF Text Converter Free

Simpo Free PDF to Text Converter is a professional free software to convert any portable PDF file into a text file. The Multi-platform Simpo PDF to Text Converter can convert any PDF into text files readable in Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

Simpo Free PDF to Text Converter is a desktop application & does not require any Adobe product to convert the PDF files.

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Using & Fixing File Extension ETD – External Torrent & Adobe eBook Files

External Torrent Directory files are named with the File Extension ETD. If this feature is enabled on a web browser, torrent files with be downloaded from an external source when users click a download link in your torrent table.

The file extension for torrent files is .torrent. If you use File Extension ETD, it will be necessary for your Allowed / Upload Directory to be mirrored on the external web server. To enable ETD files, simply specify the full URL to the directory on the external web server that will contain a copy of the torrents found in your Allowed / Upload Directory.

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