Mini Portable Laptops – New Cheap, Small & Light Laptops

smallest cheapest mobile laptops Cheap & light laptops are great for web browsing, e-mails & light office work. This is also a great tool for small publishers who have to move around a lot & yet keep publishing frequently.

Many of the new makers of low cost light & efficient laptops are using Intel’s Atom Processors & Solid State Hard Drives.

These small new laptops have a much better battery life as well as short booting times .

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Ultra Mobile Laptops from HP & ASUS – ASUS Eee “Netbook” & HP “Mini-Note”

laptop-computer-icons-pictures ASUS had much success selling the EEE PC since its launch in October 2007. With prices ranging from USD 399 to USD 550, this tiny laptop with a solid state hard drive sold over a million units within the 10 months.

While on a trip to Calcutta, India, I saw ASUS sold in roadshows & kiosks and the crowd interested in this tiny laptop (more popularly called netbook ) seemed to be school goers who spend a lot of their time messaging friends, browsing the internet & chatting.
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