Draw Annotate Markup Live Web Pages with Free MarkUp – Share Ideas & Drawings Online

You can use the Free MarkUp Bookmarklet to annotate & add comments to any live website page & share them with other people online. MarkUp is a great collaboration tool that can be used amongst multiple online users to share information, comments & marked up notes on any web page.

It is usually a good idea to share your thoughts about a website visually in order to make the details clear. Complex ideas & thoughts could be made clearer & shared with others simply by adding your own comments to the website’s page.

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Download Free Twitter Client – Hummingbird for Desktops Free

Humming Bird is a free desktop client software available for both Windows computer as well as Apple, that helps you efficiently manage all your Twitter activities. There is a free promotional version available for your free download right now.

Twitter is gaining popularity every day, with over 40 million users registered in the US alone by the end of 2009 and is only second to Facebook in its popularity.

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Java Application Lifecycle Management – SpringSource Tools

Web 2 technologies have changed the application development life cycle standards. Majority of the outsourcing software vendors are struggling to cope with the new “push button publishing” and “self serve” technologies of Web 2.

The more forward looking software makers are working hard to fill in the space that typically belonged to these vendors by making software that’s easy to build on, quick to market applications & cheap to maintain – building on Java application server.

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Download Free Desktop Dictionary Translation Software – Free Translator for 75 Languages

With international on the rise, a translator and a foreign language dictionary is absolutely essential. Normal printed dictionaries & translators could cost you well over $100 and you possibly cannot carry as many with you when you travel!

Now you can have all that & more on your computer & laptops. You can get a Free Multi Language Dictionary & Translator. The free software can translate words, phrases & sentences into 75 popular international languages.

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Make Money with Free Account – Get Paid to Shop Play Games Take Surveys Free

Marketing & product research companies pay internet users to review their products, respond to surveys & even play games online at time. And each time, these visitors are paid back. Some pay back in the form of discounts & coupon while many pay cash.

This is absolutely free to join & sign up takes a few moments. You even get $5 just to sign up. However, this is currently open to residents of the USA to join.

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