Free Open Source CD Ripper – Download CDex Ripping Software Free

free-package-applications-1We have published a lot of great CD & DVD ripping software earlier. CDex is another popular open source & free CD ripper that has close to 40 million users!

CDex can extract the data directly (digital) from an Audio CD, which is generally called a CD Ripper or a CDDA utility. The output audio file can be a plain WAV file (useful for making compilation audio CDs) or the ripped audio data can be compressed using an audio encoder.

In addition to ripping audio files on CDs, WAV files on the hard drive can be converted to a Compressed Audio File (and visa versa).

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Rip MP3 Audio from Streaming Media with RipShout – Save Online Audio on PC

rip songs from online stream Now that you can become a DJ & start broadcasting internet radio from your home PC, here is a light tool that can help you record & rip songs from online streaming media.

RipShout is a light free software that inludes a built in MP3 player & also rips songs from online streams . RipShout comes in with a few handy functionalities as well.

RipShout was written mainly to rip online songs & online audio from streaming broadcasts . Free Internet Broadcasts like SHOUTCast stream music & RipCast could save the broadcast onto your computer hard drive.

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Free Audio Music Converter CD Ripper from Pepsky – Make Slideshows Free with AudioConverter

pepsky dvd ripper audio converterPepsky has a free audio converter (amongst many other free & paid products) that combines audio & music conversion, audio ripping & can even be used to create audio synchronized photo slide show on a CD.

Among various audio formats, the new Pepsky Free Audio Converter also supports the APE file format.

But the only limitation is that Pepsky Audio Music converter is available only for Windows OS operated computers.

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Free Video Converter – Extract the Audio from a Video file

free video converter & audio extractor A friend of mine had given me a video CD for his concert performance. The audio quality was excellent but the video was poor. I wanted to extract only the music (the audio part of the concert) and discard the video.

On looking around, I found the Video Converter , a free tool that can be used not only to convert video from one format to another, but can be used to extract & separate the audio portion of a multimedia from the video!

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