Free Online File Media & Data Sharing System – Free Online Collaboration System

free online file sharing media sharing collab system free MediaFire is getting a lot of great reviews as a great free online file & media system that could be extended to a great online collaboration system too.

There are comparative free online file & media sharing options like , Daptiv , FileMaker Pro with FileMaker Server & collaborative tools like PCNow from WebEx & Central Desktop .

Amongst the many free online collaboration systems & numerous options for free online file storage for small business , MediaFire stands out for the extended values it provides to small business , home offices & personal uses.

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Remote Access PC Software Free – Access Files & PC Anywhere with Weezo

pc anywhere free - desktop sharing software free Weezo is a free software that converts your desktop PC into a web server . With Weezo you can access your computer & its files & folders from anywhere in the world.

Weezo is only available for Microsoft Windows computers (XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista). However, to access PC Anywhere you need to have a high speed internet connection, like a DSL or Cable).

You can download Weezo remote PC access software for free.

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File & Folder Sharing over Internet for Windows PC & Apple Mac

free file sharing - share files folders on PC over internet The free Microsoft Windows Live Folder Share lets you share computer’s files, folders, media & documents with others over the internet. This is also an excellent free collaboration tool .

You can also use your own files, modify & store new ones on your computer remotely through a browser. This eliminates the need to carry your important electronic documents in USB drives as well.

To start sharing & accessing your PC & files over the internet, you have to download the FolderShare toolbar.

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