Free Digsby IM for Desktop – Connect Multiple MSN Yahoo AIM ICQ Jabber Facebook Google Emails & Instant Messengers

Digsby IM Client is a 2 click software download. Once Digsby is installed, users can instantly integrate their MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Facebook, and even Google accounts into one interface.

This is the perfect product to be active on multiple social media sites & for people using multiple Instant Messengers. Digsby is immensely popular among Facebook and MySpace users too.

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Run Polls Surveys from Your Website or Blog with Google – Free Polling Survey with Google Docs

free-polling-survey-icon-softwareYou can run your own online polls & online surveys from your websites or blogs with Free Google Docs.

Online surveys could be used for various reasons. The most popular of them being the quick & fast Online Polling & Online Surveys. You could also use Google Docs to create free online feedback forms for your visitors to fill in.

With Free Google Docs you can create a simple form, collect responses from your visitors in an online spreadsheet, and publish the results on your website – in a few easy steps.

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Chrome Test Drive – Video of RWW Team Live Testing Google Chrome

GOOGLE chrome & first report screen cast from read write web Marshall Kirkpatrick & his team at Read Write Web conducted a test drive after the Google Chrome was released . Sundar Pichai, VP of Product Development at Google has also shared the press note on Chrome .

RWW also posted a report on a security flaw that Google Chrome inherited from Apple’s WebKit. The post quoted Ryan Narraine, a security evangelist at Kaspersky Lab, reports , that Chrome inherited a potentially serious security flaw from the old version of WebKit it is based on.

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Google Launches Chrome – New Google Web Browser Available for Download

google launches chrome - new web browser Google has finally released their new web browser Chrome (Beta) for download . Although the news of the release was much anticipated, many bloggers & new agencies captured the initial screen shot of Chrome even before the official release.

Chrome is now available only for Windows XP & Vista, although Apple Mac OS X & Linux versions would be rolled out soon.

Google has posted a wide range of videos tutorials on the features of Chrome .

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Google Launches Web Browser Chrome – Google Chrome Launches in over 100 Countries

google new browser chrome released Google has launched it’s own web browser Google Chrome , according to an update on the Google blog . Although Chrome works on Windows OS for now, the Apple Mac OS X & the Linux versions would be released soon.

Google Chrome is released in Beta. The new browser uses components from Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox & is released as an open-source web browser . This implies that Google will leverage the potential of the open-source developers’ community worldwide.

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