Chrome Test Drive – Video of RWW Team Live Testing Google Chrome

GOOGLE chrome & first report screen cast from read write web Marshall Kirkpatrick & his team at Read Write Web conducted a test drive after the Google Chrome was released . Sundar Pichai, VP of Product Development at Google has also shared the press note on Chrome .

RWW also posted a report on a security flaw that Google Chrome inherited from Apple’s WebKit. The post quoted Ryan Narraine, a security evangelist at Kaspersky Lab, reports , that Chrome inherited a potentially serious security flaw from the old version of WebKit it is based on.

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Firefox 3 Extension Contest Winners Announced – Best Firefox 3 Extensions & Add-Ons

best firefox extensions Addons - firefix extend contest winners Firefox announced the Extend Firefox 3 Contest Winners & released the Best Firefox Extensions & Best Firefox Add-Ons .

The panel of high profile judges announced the Best Add-Ons as well as the Best Updated Addons for Firefox 3.

The list included Pencil by Dương Thành An , a free and open source tool for making diagrams, GUI prototyping & simple sketching.
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NextGen PC Design Competition – World’s Largest Student Technology Competition

Imagine Cup Next Generation PC Design Competition world’s largest student technology competition Over & over again, we have seen that organizations that open up to the world user communities for help in creating & innovating, almost always wins the heart & the mind of future consumers.

That said, Microsoft sponsored The Next-Gen Design Competition is designed to spotlight the developers of innovative PC industrial designs, as well as increase awareness among consumers and businesses about the importance of industrial design and the digital lifestyle in the development of PCs. Entrants were asked to design the next generation of Windows-based PCs from hardware to software to the out of box experience.

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iPhone, Time Capsule, Apple TV Take 2, iMovies & Macbook Air – Steve Jobs introduces the Apple products for 2008

new 2008 apple iPhones itunes & maps & locations from apple 2008 Steve Jobs introduced the whole Apple Stores for 2008 in his Macworld Expo 2008 keynote address in San Francisco.

Apple is going places with the movies this time & introduced iMovie Rentals in collaboration with 20th Century, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Paramount, Universal & Sony Pictures.

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