Free Mashmaker from Intel – Create Combine Multiple RSS feeds, Custom Content from Online Pages, Photos, Video, Maps & Lists

free mashable from intel - intel mashable intel mashmaker In layman’s terms, Mashing is combining different types of information together to make something more meaningful.

Like, if you are browsing your friend’s list in Facebook & you want to see where they are on Google Maps, you use a mashable tool that combines Facebook Friend’s list with Google’s Geo Mapping software.

Mash up tools are available for a long time. It all started with Yahoo! Pipes . Microsoft brought out Popfly . Now Intel has released a new mash making tool Mashmaker .

Mash Maker lets you turn normal pages into mashups by applying Widgets . Widgets are written by third parties using Mash Maker’s Open Widget API , and can visualize, transform, and extend the data on the pages that the user browses.

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Use to Share Files, Collaborate, Transfer Files, Audio Conference & much more

share audio music video files without login for free from is an online tool to store and share anything (pictures, video, audio, docs, etc) privately, without accounts, personal registration, or email addresses. You can also store & access the stored data very simply in multiple ways. You can use an internet browser, you can email, you can send a simple mms or you can even store & access the files through phone or fax. also works like a social network, except that the network will be created by you. It gives you complete control on what to share & who to share with. The free account will let you store & exchange 100 MB of data.

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