Free Video Converter Player Editor for MPEG QuickTime iPod – Download MPEG StreamClip Free

Squared 5 MPEG StreamClip is a free & powerful video editor & converter for MPEG videos, Apple QuickTime videos as well as those for the Apple iPods. With recent updates, this free video editor & converter also works on DiVX videos. The Free MPEG StreamClip is a great DivX video editor and encoder & even a movie downloader.

You can also use the Free Stream Clip Video Editor to rip DVDs encoded in any Region & add subtitles to your ripped videos when you save it on your hard drive.

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Test Websites on Multiple IE Versions – Download IE Tester Free

One of the biggest challenge of any website designer is to make any site look as beautiful on all the available web browsers. The particular challenge has always been with Internet Explorer 6. Web designers have to go big extents to have any website appear decent in IE6.

With Free IE Tester Software you can Install Multiple Versions of IE on your computer.

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Free Web Designing Tool – View Website in Multiple Screen Resolutions

This is another nice website design tool that could be used to give designers an idea how their website would look in different browsers & gadgets of different screen resolutions.

The current set of tools include iPhone screen, Wii Browsers & desktop browsers with different resolutions. The tool is quite elementary and can server only preliminary purpose of getting to know how a specific web design would look like in a device with a different resolution.

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Update Twitter Facebook Status from Phone – Download Vlingo Voice Converter Software

Vlingo is a free software that can convert your voice into text & update your status on social networks like Twitter & Facebook from mobile phones. Once you have installed the software on your mobile phone, you need to set up your Twitter & Facebook accounts.

You can then speak your status into the phone & Vlingo will convert that into text & post your status on Twitter & Facebook automatically.

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Using & Fixing Microsoft DOCX Files – Use File Scanner to Detect File Issues

Anyone using Microsoft Office software would encounter File Extension DOCX. It is the file format used by Microsoft Office 2007 or later. Earlier versions of MS Office used the format DOC which was later replaced by DOCX.

DOCX refers to the Office Open XML format & uses a ZIP file format and contains the individual files that form the basis of the document. This may include embedded files such as images, videos or other documents.

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