Free Software to Compare Files Folders Websites – Download DiffDaff Free

DiffDaff is a free software to help you compare files, contents of folders & even websites for any differences. The differences are shown line by line for ease of comparison.

To make the sorting of differences in these files or folders easy, these differences are color coded & classified as changes, deleted, non-existing or identical content.

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Computer Spy Software – StealthBot to Track Computer Activities

Have you ever had the need to secretly understand how your computer is being used? Did you ever have the need to know what is going on with your computer in your absence?

There are several tracking software that lets you track your computer activities – what is being typed, what emails are being read or deleted & even what messages are being sent. These are also known as computer spy software.

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Download Free Remind-Me-Please Software – Set Reminders on Events Appointments TV programs Movies Birthdays

Remind-Me-Please is a free software that you can use as an alarm or a reminding device for almost any event on your calendar. Although meant for personal use, Remind-Me-Please can also be used in a networked environment. You can allocate a user-name to each machine and point each one to a central shared database.

Remind-Me-Please is released free of cost by Simon Haynes & is assured to be free of any spyware or adware.

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Free Life Alert Safety Devices – New Electronic Alarm Systems with Fall Alert Free

Brickhouse Alert has introduced another safety Life Alert device. More suited for the elderly or babies, this one comes with a built in fall detector. Unlike simple motion detectors, the fall detector could distinguish someone falling down from a normal movement.

Another feature of the Life Alert device is smoke detection. In a fire emergency, the fall detection combined with the smoke detection could help people save their lives.  In the promotional offer, you can get the Alert Home System free with any home monitoring services.

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