Google Launches Chrome – New Google Web Browser Available for Download

google launches chrome - new web browser Google has finally released their new web browser Chrome (Beta) for download . Although the news of the release was much anticipated, many bloggers & new agencies captured the initial screen shot of Chrome even before the official release.

Chrome is now available only for Windows XP & Vista, although Apple Mac OS X & Linux versions would be rolled out soon.

Google has posted a wide range of videos tutorials on the features of Chrome .

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Increase your Desktop Space with Free 360° DeskTop – Desktop Panorama

free desktop with increased desktop space Its a new generation desktop look! The 360desktop is a free and safe software download, that transforms standard Windows® desktop into a 360-degree panoramic workspace , giving many times more desktop space.

This new perspective of a desktop makes it a more functional desktop with a 360-degree panoramic view. You can have the latest news, dynamic information, video content, family photos or anything else you like at your fingertips.

Here is a small video introduction to the various features of the free 360° DeskTop View.

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NextGen PC Design Competition – World’s Largest Student Technology Competition

Imagine Cup Next Generation PC Design Competition world’s largest student technology competition Over & over again, we have seen that organizations that open up to the world user communities for help in creating & innovating, almost always wins the heart & the mind of future consumers.

That said, Microsoft sponsored The Next-Gen Design Competition is designed to spotlight the developers of innovative PC industrial designs, as well as increase awareness among consumers and businesses about the importance of industrial design and the digital lifestyle in the development of PCs. Entrants were asked to design the next generation of Windows-based PCs from hardware to software to the out of box experience.

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