Convert Any File to Flash with Free CineCode – Download Free Open Source Flash Converter Software

Cine Code is a free open source flash converter that can convert any file, of any format, into flash. The free CineCode Flash Converter Video Software is also a cross platform video editor that works on Windows computers, Linux & Apple iOS. Hence it also works on mobile device content including digital cameras and video recorders.

Cine Code is a free, multi platform powerful video encoding software that can convert any kind of video into Flash format. The free flash converter has an easy to use drag & drop interface & it instantly converts any video file you drag into the work area into a flash video file.

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Free Multi Format Video Subtitles Editor for Unix Windows Mac – Download Aegisub Advanced Movie Subtitles Editor Free

Aegisub is a free, full featured cross-platform subtitle editor that can work on a wide range of video movie files & works on Windows, Unix & Apple Mac computers. Though it works on a wide range of subtitle formats, the built in split-merge algorithm can be used for converting them to simple subtitle formats.

This free advanced movie subtitles editor Aegisub works with the Advanced Sub-Station Alpha format (aptly abbreviated ASS) which allows for many advanced effects in the subtitles, apart from just basic timed text. It is built as an open source software & released complete free under GPL.

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Free Image Viewer & Photo Retouching Software – Download Alternate Pic View Lite Free

Alternate Pic Lite is a free image viewer with free photo retouching creative filters for minor editing. This light easy to use photo viewing & editing tool is a great replacement for the default Windows Photo Viewer.

Much like the Windows Photo Viewer, you can use the Alternate Pic Lite Free Photo Viewer to see images in thumbnail mode or full screen photo slideshows. In addition, this free photo viewer also has elementary photo retouching tools to quickly edit, crop & save your pictures.

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Free Easy RAW Bitmap Photo Editor – Download Photivo Digital Photo Software Free

Photivo is an open source & easy to use Free Raw & Bitmap Photo Editor. This free Photo Editor works with regular bitmap files (JPG, BMP and so on) & RAW images, in a non-destructive editing procedure.

Photivo Raw & Bitmap Photo Editor is simple to use & aimed at amateur photographers who shoot in RAW formats using DSLR camera or prefer to use the RAW format for editing image files for the final prints. The features & the technology is similar to & integrated with the more popular GIMP free photo software.

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Free Photo Adjustment Software for HDR Images – Download Luminance HDR Filter

Luminance HDR Filter is a free photography filter software for high dynamic range photos. Dynamic Range in a digital photo refers to the difference in lighting conditions between the brightest point & the darkest point on the image. Generally digital cameras can adjust for about 1 EV – 2 EV difference in such dynamic ranges. For any image where this range is very high, the camera’s exposure meter or the software will not be able to meter or record the scene perfectly.

In cases where the HDR range is very high, photographers would need additional software to normalize the illumination. The Free HDR Photo Filter helps in normalizing such HDR images & produce final images of decent quality.

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