Carry Software Emails Bookmarks on USB Drive & iPod – PortableApps Free Download

carry-important-programs-on-usb-drive-1You can carry all your important files, movies, videos, music & even browser bookmarks & emails with you on a portable device.

The portable device  could be a USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, CD etc and use the files on any Windows computer.

A portable app is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any Windows computer. And Suite™ is a complete collection of portable apps.

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Free Word Processor Abi Word – Advanced Free Office Suite with Mail Merge

free ms word abiword - free mail merge - free office suiteAbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Office Suite Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks.

AbiWord has been created by a worldwide group of volunteers and currently supports many languages and operating systems.

AbiWord is GNU Free Software software, which means that you will always have the freedom to use it, make copies of it, and improve it. In short, it is as good has having a free MS Office Suite Word Document processor!

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Free Office Software Suite – Free Word Doc Processor, Free Database, Free Presentation Maker & Free Templates

free office software - free ms office suite - free doc free excel free access free ppt The Free Office Software Suite includes a free word document processor like MS Word, a free database like MS Access, a free presentation creator like MS ppt & a free worksheet for calculations like MS Excel.

This is as good as free Microsoft Office Suite , except that it is free, extremely stable & completely portable.

The Free Office Suite is released by Sun Microsystems & is a leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format.

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