Free DTP Software Download – Multi Platform Desktop Publishing Free Software for Windows, Mac & Linux

dtp software free download - free desktop publishing packageScribus is a free desktop publishing software package with pro features like CMYK color, separations, ICC color management and versatile PDF creation.

Scribus is powerful Free DTP Software that helps you create great looking documents of all kinds. It also comes with a lot of support options to help you achieve the best result.

The professional free desktop publishing package is available for multiple operating systems – Windows Vista/XP/2000, MacOS X, OS/2, Debian Repository w/Instructions, Source and RPMS.

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New Open Type Font ITC Bodoni – Discounts on True Type Fonts & Open Type Fonts

free true type fonts from For a limited time, is giving promotional offers on new Open Type Fonts . You can choose from the popular Casual Scripts , Language Fonts & Calligraphic Scripts or  from a complete collection of around 141,106 fonts.

The TrueType font format was developed by Apple Computer & it’s now also used by Microsoft. The built-in “core” fonts that ship with the Macintosh and Windows operating systems are TrueType.

Newly added TrueType capabilities include features such as font smoothing (or grayscale rasterization) to further improve the on-screen image in some instances.

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Create, Download, Install & Use your Own Fonts – Free Open Type Custom Font Creation Software

create download install & embed your own fonts for free I do a lot of publishing & photography works & I often need to create custom fonts for myself. While creating fonts you have to remember that there are 2 common types of fonts that are used – TrueType Fonts & PostScript Fonts .

But there is now a third type – OpenType Fonts . People are still embracing the new OpenType Font formats & standards. It allows anyone to create their own fonts, download them, install them into their document processing softwares, digital imaging softwares & deploy them across multiple different systems (they are "portable" from one platform to another like a PDF).

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