Free (Trial) Learn to Draw for Kids & Beginners – Drawing Software Download

kids-playing-online-games-1Learn to Draw is a fun and interactive software program for those who want to learn how to draw. It is a great online tool to teach kids how to draw although it can be used by anyone who wants to learn how to draw.

It offers 25 drawing exercises for your drawing practice. Best of all, the program will act as your personal art teacher – it will check each of your drawings and indicate which areas need further improvement.

You don’t need any art supplies to start – just install the program and you are ready to go.

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Free Software to Convert Pictures to Cartoons – Create Caricatures Cartoon from Photographs

free-picture-1You can create funny caricatures & cartoons with the free photo converting software. With a few clicks, convert photos to caricatures & cartoons.

You do not need to be an expert in art or in using a photo software. Commercial software that creates cartoons from pictures in various malls & kiosks cost over $15 for one picture.

With this Free Photo to Cartoon Caricature Converting Software, you can convert as many as 10 pictures into cartoons. If you like this software, you can purchase a license for about $25.00.

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Create Cartoons & Avatars on Mac Windows Linux with Free Photo Editor – Create Textures Cartoons Text Effects Free

create free cartoons free text effects with free photo editorPhantasmagoria Image Effectizer is a free image editor & adds eye catching effects to pictures. With Phantasmagoria you can create cartoons, IM avatars & even various text effects.

Phantasmagoria is perfect for creating photo morphs & creating photo montages. It has all the functions to import & merge graphics & for creating text effects.

Although not as sophisticated as Adobe or Corel, Phantasmagoria is a great free picture editor for creating some nice photo effects.

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ASCII Picture Generator – Create Picture with Alphabets with dotNET Software

free picture morphing software download free Similar to the Photo morphing softwares & photo morph animation software , the ASCII dotNET picture generator converts a picture into ASCII characters.

You get a picture that is created of English letters, numbers & symbols. The ASCII Generator dotNET (ascgen2) is a 32-bit Windows text editor that will allow anyone to easily convert images into artwork created from text characters.

The software is released under GP license so you could modify the source code to enhance the imaging software further.

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Convert Pictures to Sketches with Free Pencil Sketch Photo Editor

free photo editor - convert picture to pencil sketch free Photo To Sketch is free a tool to convert a photo to excellent sketch & paint water color with pictures.

The Standard edition is free of cost. The Photo To Sketch is an excellent free photo editing software that everyone in the home can use to have fun with pictures.

It is very popular with kids who are learning to draw, sketch or with teens learning to try out various artistic ways to print pictures. Kids & teens can explore Photo To Sketch to convert pictures into scrapbooks and fun cards.

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