Free Internet Trace Route – Find Slow Nodes on Internet Connections

free ping - free trace route to find slowest point on internet connection When you type in a website address on a browser, your computer connects to the server that hosts that website & then travels back to your computer with information.

Tracing lets you visualize how the internet signals travel . Tracing also lets you analyze which part of the internet network is taking up the longest time to pass the information.
Visual Route is a free tool to Test Internet Connectivity & Trace IP Addresses .

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Free & Automatic Ping Services for WordPress Blogs & websites – Pingomatic

free automatic pinging services for blogs & websites Ping is the act of letting various web sites know that you have something new on your blog or websites. These web sites are usually news & post aggregators.

Typically you would ping these websites after you have made some updates to yours. Once you ping ed the websites, they would send their crawler to your blog or website & pick up the newer items that you have published.

They could then update their lists so that anyone who checks on their websites would see your new published materials.

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