Stop & Report Phishing – Verify Your Website is Not Blocked or Listed as Phishing Website

how to report phishing scamming spamming websites blogs domains PhishTank is a free community site where anyone can submit, verify, track and share phishing data . PhishTank is operated by OpenDNS, a company founded in 2005 to improve the Internet through safer, faster, and smarter DNS.

It provides accurate, actionable information to anyone trying to identify bad actors, whether for themselves or for others (i.e., building security tools).

With the growing misuse of the internet, PhishTank provides with ways in which good webmasters & users can identify, verify & report phishing & spamming domains.

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Free Anti Spyware Free Anti Adware – Ad-Aware from Lavasoft

free anti spyware anti adware kill trojans protect computer hacks free Free Anti Spyware applications like Ad-Aware provides additional security & privacy protection to your computer over & above your normal anti virus protection system.

This could be a good supplement to the prime anti virus protection tool by detecting spyware & privacy risks.

You can download the Free Ad-Aware Anti Spyware from the Lavasoft website. The free version is available only for personal use.

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