New Search Engine Cuil Launched – Informative Results with Rich Media

new search engine Cuil - googles competitor The new search engine is named Cuil – meaning Knowledge in Irish. The founder & CEO Tom Costello names the search engine after the Gaelic word Cuil (pronounced "cool") meaning both knowledge and hazel.

Cuil’s approach to developing a search engine from scratch is different from the currently popular ones – analyzing pages to a great depth and organizing results in a rich and helpful way that allows readers to explore fully the subject of a search.

Cuil already has over 120 billion pages indexed. They run their site off two data centers, with a thousand 8-CPU servers apparently handling the index, and another 280 delivering results.

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New Search Engine for Twitter – Twitter buys Summize Search Engine

free new search engine for twitter posts - twitter buys summize search engine Twitter has bought the new Search Engine Summize & integrated with one of the most popular Social Media Tool Twitter. The news was made official by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

There is an undeniable need to search, filter, and otherwise interact with the volumes of news and information being transmitted to Twitter.

Summize will be integrated with Twitter updates & users can search through all the updates posted on Twitter. The acquisition cost Twitter about USD 15 million.

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Add a Free Page Ranking Widget to Website & Blog – Free SEO Widget & other Free Essential Widgets for Blogs

free search engine optimization widget You could use this free Build Page Ranks Tool widget to offer a very valuable service to your visitors. Especially if many of your readers are webmasters & SEO specialists .Or for anyone who wants to check the popularity of any website while on your blog.

The free blog search widget, free YouTube video widget & the Latest Free Software Release widget adds a lot of interest & interactivity with the readers.

Visitors can use this free widget to look-up critical Search Engine Optimization information about any site with the Build Page Ranks Tool Smart Web Gadget.

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Big Improvements Coming to Google Maps & Mobile Searches – Google signs deal with Tele Atlas

google maps signs deal with tele atlas tomtom Google has signed a major deal with Tele Atlas , a subsidiary of TomTom. In the deal, Tele Atlas will provide content to Google for the next 5 years in over 200 countries.

The Google-Tele Atlas agreement covers Google’s map-based services and navigation offerings in the mobile, online, and desktop universes, including Google Maps and Google Earth services and some mobile applications like Google Maps for Mobile.

Tele Atlas N.V. is a Dutch company engaged in the development, production and sale of geographic databases. The Company provides maps of 73 countries around the world, covering 27 million kilometers of roads.

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Submit your URL to Europe & Russia’s largest Search Engine – Yandex

submit URL to largest search engine of europe & russia Yandex is named as one of the largest internet search engines operating in Russia & parts of Europe by comScore.

With Yandex slowly expanding it’s service base & acquiring niche companies to provide services in travel & internet payment, Yandex could also be listed on Nasdaq by the fall of 2008 (according to reports from Business Week).

comScore also comments that Yandex has 44% of the Russian market share, which is 10% more than Google ‘s domestic market share. Analysts could see Google & Yandex competing for the the search engine market share in the coming years.

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