Unlock Password Protected Microsoft Excel Files – Download Free Office Password Recovery Software

Microsoft Office Excel Password Recovery is a Free Software that can be used to find digital passwords & unlock MS Excel files. If you have forgotten the password you used to secure an excel worksheet or if you wanted to use an excel file that is previously locked, the free password recovery software can do the job!

This free Microsoft Excel Password Recovery software provides 2 unique ways to recover a lost or unknown password for a password-protected Excel file.

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HiTech Life Alert Security Systems – Remote Fall Detection Activity Detection

High Tech security is slowly but surely making our lives secured & easy. Especially for the loved ones who may be incapable of reacting quickly on their own on safety issues.

Imagine you have an elderly family member who stays alone & needs attention immediately. They are in genuine need of such high tech, dependable Life Alert systems.

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Modern Biometric Locks – Using Keyless Locks with HiTech Protection

Have you ever had the situation where you forgot the keys to your door & locked outside for hours till another family member comes with a duplicate key? Or stand outside your door fumbling with a bunch of keys not knowing which is the right one?

Modern biometric technology now solves this problem with the keyless lock system. Like any other biometric device, this high tech security system operates on specific matches of preset identification.

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Free Life Alert Safety Devices – New Electronic Alarm Systems with Fall Alert Free

Brickhouse Alert has introduced another safety Life Alert device. More suited for the elderly or babies, this one comes with a built in fall detector. Unlike simple motion detectors, the fall detector could distinguish someone falling down from a normal movement.

Another feature of the Life Alert device is smoke detection. In a fire emergency, the fall detection combined with the smoke detection could help people save their lives.  In the promotional offer, you can get the Alert Home System free with any home monitoring services.

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Portable USB Smartdrive Files – U3P File Extensions for Portable Software Applications & Data Files

File Extension U3P refers to all files (applications and data) that go by the USB portable design formats. They are made portable through USB drives & smart drives.

Many of the U3P files run into problems with the OS upgrades. For example, File Extension U3P that used to work well with Windows XP do not work with Windows Vista.

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