Web Hosting Services Review from 4CheapWebHosting

With the economic downturn, many businesses, small medium or big, are looking for affordable & reliable web hosting services. One of the challenges for the prospective buyer is to find out all the facts related to the services.

Affordable Web Hosting takes on the challenge by providing a concise list of a wide variety of web hosting services. It is very important to compare features, look into the past performance & suggest a rating to each of these hosting services to make it more sensible to the buyer.

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2D Graphical Data Representation Software – Download JColorGrid Free

free-package-applications-1JColorGrid is a free application software that can be used to show numbers or text in 2-D color blocks. The software exists as a command-line application, a graphical viewer, and an API for development.

JColorGrid is created by Marcin P. Joachimiak, Jennifer L. Weisman and Barnaby C. H. May of the University of California.

JColorGrid is written in Java & hence it can be used on any computer. The software converts numerical data or textual data into color codes that is represented as color grids, much like heat maps.

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Free Online Spreadsheet Workbook – Web 2 Spreadsheets from EditGrid

free online collaboration tool spreadsheet for small business EditGrid is a new free Web 2 accounting & presentation application for online spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel. It is just like a desktop free Microsoft Excel worksheet with the advantage of being shared & worked on collaboratively .

With EditGrid, you can share online spreadsheets & collaborate on excel project & share the results easily.

Although EditGrid does not have all the bells & whistles of Microsoft Excel, what makes it very attractive to small business & home office workers is that it could be a Free Accounting tool , its Online & it has collaboration features .

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Free Web Analytics & Blog Visitor Tracking Tool – Free Web & Blog Stats Plugin

free website stats website analytics tool woopra This is a free website analytic & a free web traffic statistics tool that can track & report all your website & blog visitors in various ways.

With Woopra, webmasters can track over 40 different statistical events and analytics. Many of these data are updated more than once in a day. This is a great tool for bloggers as well.

Woopra creates a one-stop service for monitoring all blogs and websites . Through the quick site tabs at the top of the Woopra panel, you have one-click access to your registered blogs.

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Free Online Tools to Measure & Compare your Website’s Traffic & Keywords

free tools to measure web traffic & compare website traffic There are several free tools that can help you measure traffic data to your websites & blogs. Some of these tools can also give you comparative information you can use to understand competitors’ traffic as well.

Another part of many of these free tools is providing a small sample of keywords that lead traffic to the website that you are studying.

Membership to many of these online statistics providers would give more elaborate results. However, these tools may not be effective if the websites have very low traffic volume or are extremely new.

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