Free Online Spreadsheet Workbook – Web 2 Spreadsheets from EditGrid

free online collaboration tool spreadsheet for small business EditGrid is a new free Web 2 accounting & presentation application for online spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel. It is just like a desktop free Microsoft Excel worksheet with the advantage of being shared & worked on collaboratively .

With EditGrid, you can share online spreadsheets & collaborate on excel project & share the results easily.

Although EditGrid does not have all the bells & whistles of Microsoft Excel, what makes it very attractive to small business & home office workers is that it could be a Free Accounting tool , its Online & it has collaboration features .

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Creating, Comparing & Publishing Data with Tablefy

create compare data in tables online with tablefyTablefy, as the name indicates, creates tables! You can assimilate any data into a tabular format, run comparisons between similar (or dissimilar) items & even share & publish that comparison information.

Ideally, if people keep adding data, then over a period of time, a system like Tablefy will have enough information for others to run sensible comparisons amongst different types of data.

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