Sen Fun Greeting Cards & Fun eCards Free from Browser Toolbar – Free Cards from My Fun Cards

free ecards free smileys free screensavers for all occasions You can send ecards for free & access free greeting cards directly from your browser toolbar.

A toolbar in the browser will let you search thousands of ecards directly without having to leave the website you are browsing.

You can also access all the free Greeting ecards from your Instant Messenger too. You do not need to sign-up or register for sending free ecards.

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Send Fun Cards & Smileys Free – Access Free eCards & Free Smileys in All Languages from Browser Toolbar

free ecards free smileys in all languages MyFunCards has tons of Free eCards & Free Smileys for all occasions. All the free greeting cards for all occasions & free smileys are available in multiple languages & can be sent to anyone in any language.

These Free Multilingual Smileys & Free Multilingual Greeting Cards are accessible directly from your internet browser’s toolbar.

Signing Up is Free & it downloads & installs the toolbar to your browser. MyFunCards toolbar is free of any spywares or adwares.

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Free Online Tools to Measure & Compare your Website’s Traffic & Keywords

free tools to measure web traffic & compare website traffic There are several free tools that can help you measure traffic data to your websites & blogs. Some of these tools can also give you comparative information you can use to understand competitors’ traffic as well.

Another part of many of these free tools is providing a small sample of keywords that lead traffic to the website that you are studying.

Membership to many of these online statistics providers would give more elaborate results. However, these tools may not be effective if the websites have very low traffic volume or are extremely new.

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Create Professsional Quality Photo Slide Shows

free professional quality easy to use slideshow from pictures You can create professional quality slide shows from pictures using the free Picasa software from Google. The set up requires you to register with your email address. You can download the Picasa software & get started with creating beautiful slide shows without any technical knowledge at all!

This is a great tool if you want to share your pictures in a sequence, with your captions & audio & yet prevent people from downloading & saving images with your copyright.

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Free Text To Speech Converter for your Website’s & Blog’s Content

free-text-to-speech-converter For a long time I have used Microsoft speech tools that came along with the operating system for all text to speech converting needs. For a short while I have also used a free product called TextToWav to convert written text to audible .wav files.

But most of them suffer from annotation & punctuation problems. And I could never get a good selection of the voice.

I read about & decided to try it for my own use. You could also use this text to speech converter to read any web page content aloud to you.

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