Free Flowchart Making Software ClickCharts

Free Flowchart Making Software ClickCharts

ClickCharts is a free flowchart making software with additional features of creating many more data flow diagrams necessary for process and IT work. It provides you with a choice of using any of the numerous templates or a blank canvas to being your flowcharts.

This free flow diagram maker also lets you print large diagrams with seamless sheet overlapping or export your final flowcharts as images in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats.

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Annotate Pictures & Collaborate with Pictures using Free Skitch Photo Software


I use Evernote a lot to collaborate with my web design teams & fellow photographers. And I also use Evernote to keep my data shared with my numerous Mac devices like laptop, iPhone and iMac. Now I also use Skitch along with Evernote to collaborate and share marked up photos with my teams.

Skitch is a free photo software  that helps you communicate visually with friends, co-workers, and your teams. You can annotate images with arrows, shapes, and text & share with your groups to collaborate on projects and seek opinions on your projects.

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Free Computer Painting Drawing & Sketching Software SmoothDraw

free coloring painting sketching drawing software smooth draw

This is a great software for kids and those learning to paint, draw or sketch on the computer without having to use costly devices like tablets and other touch devices.

I have used a few iPAD based apps for sketching, drawing and coloring but I would not give my costly iPAD to my toddler right now! Instead, I can have my kid use the cheap computer mouse and try her hands at coloring or sketching for now.

SmoothDraw is a free digital free-hand drawing software with some features of the most costly digital painting softwares. The coloring and drawing software provides tools like pen, pencil, dry media, airbrush, bristle brush, image hose etc for drawing and retouching pictures.

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First Lytro Camera on Sale in US from USD 400

Lytro cameras that captures light vectors in a unique way announced their first set of practical Lytro cameras in 8 GB & 16 GB formats, completely compatible with Apple Mac computers (Windows version of the processing software is being developed now).

The price of the first Lytro cameras start from US$ 399 for the 8GB & US$499 for the 16GB cameras with a fixed lens with 8x optical zoom & a constant aperture of f/2 built into an aluminum shell.

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Lytro Cameras – Capturing Light Vector in Shoot Now Focus Later Cameras

Lytro is a new photographic camera manufacturer that has a new technology to capture light as vectors on their photo sensors. Unlike in traditional cameras where a photographer has to focus on a subject & then click the shutter, a Lytro Light Field Camera captures much more information about the light in it’s sensors.

This vast amount of information about the photographic subject stored in the camera then allows the software to change focus & give significantly extract more information about each & every pixel in the photograph after the photo has been captured.

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