Download Free Twitter Client – Hummingbird for Desktops Free

Humming Bird is a free desktop client software available for both Windows computer as well as Apple, that helps you efficiently manage all your Twitter activities. There is a free promotional version available for your free download right now.

Twitter is gaining popularity every day, with over 40 million users registered in the US alone by the end of 2009 and is only second to Facebook in its popularity.

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Organize Simplify Social Networking – Download Free Orsiso to Connect Facebook LinkedIn Flickr Friendster Twitter AIM MSN YIM GTalk

We all have our profiles set up in more than a few social networking sites. It could become a time consuming & complex task to keep in touch with all your friends & contacts from all these different networks.

The Free Orsiso Software can help you solve that problem by letting you organize & connect with all your friends & contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Friendster, Twitter, AIM, MSN Messenger, Google Talk & Yahoo! Messenger from your desktop.

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Create Cartoons & Avatars on Mac Windows Linux with Free Photo Editor – Create Textures Cartoons Text Effects Free

create free cartoons free text effects with free photo editorPhantasmagoria Image Effectizer is a free image editor & adds eye catching effects to pictures. With Phantasmagoria you can create cartoons, IM avatars & even various text effects.

Phantasmagoria is perfect for creating photo morphs & creating photo montages. It has all the functions to import & merge graphics & for creating text effects.

Although not as sophisticated as Adobe or Corel, Phantasmagoria is a great free picture editor for creating some nice photo effects.

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free update Twitter, Pownce, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster is a free ping service that lets you update multiple social networking profiles – Twitter, Pownce, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster & many others – from one place. supports of many different platforms and applications.

You can use it through AIM, GTalk, iGoogle, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, WAP, iPhone/iPod Touch, SMS or plain e-mail.

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New Micro Review Site Blippr – 160 Words to Review Books Movies Games Music

micro review site blippr - use 160 words to review books music movies games The new Micro-Review Website Blippr allows registered users to freely comment & critic movies, music, games & books in just 160 words .

Those 160 words are 20 more than what the popular social networking tool Twitter allows. Blippr in turn sends the blips onto profiles on networking sites like Facebook , Friendfeed & Twitter keeping your followers updated.

Blippr also allows users to use common smileys & emotions for fast expressions.

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