Free RSS Combiner – Combine Many RSS Feeds into One With Free Google RSS Feed Aggregator for Blogs

Google has released a Free RSS Combiner Plugin for WordPress. This Free WordPress RSS Combiner is a Free WordPress Plugin that lets you merge several RSS-Feeds into one.

It caches the input feeds, sorts items by publishing-date and then outputs a feed in either RSS 2.0 or Atom 1.0 format.

RSS Feeds, when added to a web page helps new content to show up on the pages. As such, since the feeds refresh with time, blog pages with RSS Feeds always show up as “new content” in the eyes of search engines.

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Free Text to Speech Converters for Websites & Blogs – Free WordPress & Blogger Plugin

free plugin to convert post text to speech- free voice converterIn order to reach out to people with vision disabilities, or just for readers who would like to listen instead of reading, there is a great free plugin which will convert your blog posts to speeches. The free plugin is available for WordPress, Blogger & for Social Networking site Facebook & iGoogle.

The free online tool also lets you save your post as .mp3 files for other uses.

I have tried quite a few of text to speech converters with the idea of providing voice capability to my websites & blogs & found this free online tool to suit most of my needs.


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Free & Automatic Ping Services for WordPress Blogs & websites – Pingomatic

free automatic pinging services for blogs & websites Ping is the act of letting various web sites know that you have something new on your blog or websites. These web sites are usually news & post aggregators.

Typically you would ping these websites after you have made some updates to yours. Once you ping ed the websites, they would send their crawler to your blog or website & pick up the newer items that you have published.

They could then update their lists so that anyone who checks on their websites would see your new published materials.

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